First Class on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER from Singapore (SIN) to London (LHR)

The B777-300ER is one of my favourite picks when it comes to choosing an aircraft type for a long-haul flight. The cabin is wide and spacious, and I absolutely love the hum of the engines. Today, this lovely aircraft will take me on my 14-hour flight from Singapore to London Heathrow.


I was one of the first to board, and was ushered to my seat in 2D. Half of the First Class cabin was occupied, which meant a fairly healthy crew to passenger ratio.


The cabin crew offered me some orange juice to start, and a hot towel to freshen up.


Looking around the cabin, I’m always amazed at how these seats were originally introduced into the Singapore Airlines fleet in 2006, setting the bar for First Class travel back then. Today, this is the industry standard for a First Class layout, with some airlines even offering a 1-1-1 configuration such as Cathay Pacific. However, Singapore Airlines has made a deliberate effort to differentiate First Class from Suites, much like how Etihad has differentiated their First Class Apartments from the The Residence. It seems that airlines will be pushing the boundaries of premium class travel even more in the years to come.

With all doors closed and the aircraft ready for pushback, the cabin crew armed all doors and had the safety video up and running on our screens.


The menu always makes for an interesting read before takeoff.

Following our on time departure, the breakfast service commenced with a fresh fruit plate, followed by a mandarin flavoured yoghurt and a croissant.


For the main course, I chose the Teochew style rice porridge, with steamed pomfret, braised pork belly and peanut, omelette with preserved turnip, and stir fried Szechuan vegetable, which was very heartwarming.


Soon it was time to get some sleep. There are various techniques to overcome jetlag, and one of them is to try to adjust yourself to the new time zone that you’re flying to. But I’m for always arriving at my destination feeling refreshed and well rested, so I try to get as much sleep on board as possible.


I wasn’t exactly hungry in between the meal services, so I decided to skip the light bites that was offered on board.

At about two hours prior to landing, the crew commenced the lunch service, which began with Singapore Airlines’ signature satay.


Next was the Fa Cai Yu Sheng, usually served on board Singapore Airlines flights during the Lunar New Year period.


For the soup, I had the double boiled pork, lotus root, peanuts and red dates soup.


Next was the main course, and I picked the prosperity pork with clam sauce, happy reunion vegetable and three treasures fried rice. There was actually another salad course, but I thought the Fa Cai Yu Sheng was filling enough, so I decided to give it a miss.


To round up the lunch service, I had coconut ice cream with mango and pineapple salsa.


Soon, the cabin crew prepared the cabin for arrival. Our approach and landing was delayed by just a bit, as there was a slight congestion at London Heathrow. After a few holding patterns, we commenced our approach into Heathrow.


Singapore Airlines passengers travelling in Suites/First and Business Class will receive a fast track pass for expedited immigration clearance at Heathrow, which is a great thing to have especially during busy periods when several international flights arrive at the same time.