First Class on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER from Singapore (SIN) to London (LHR)

Boarding was smooth and on time for this flight from Singapore to London. I believe that Singapore Airlines has one of the most efficient boarding processes around. In some outstation airports, Singapore Airlines even cordons off an area for First/Business Class passengers, PPS and KrisFlyer Elite Gold/Star Alliance Gold passengers at the boarding gate to allow for an orderly boarding process. However, in Singapore, there is no requirement to given the huge expanse of space at the boarding gates, but it would be a nice thing to have around at the other destinations we fly to.


I was assigned seat 2F, and there was only one other passenger in 2A, allowing for a very favourable crew to passenger ratio.

I had a glass of orange juice that was served just prior to pushback.


On our climb out to cruising altitude, I had a look at the menu, which reminded me of the time of the year again.


After the seatbelt sign was switched off, the crew served me a glass of apple juice.


The weather was perfect for most part of the flight.

Breakfast service began not too long after, starting with a fresh fruit plate, always a refreshing start to the meal.


The cabin crew then went around with a bread basket, and I picked the croissant, which was the obvious choice. This was followed by a serving of fruit yoghurt.


For the main course, I picked the Teochew porridge with side dishes and condiments, which made for a great and comforting dish for breakfast.


After the meal, the crew prepared my seat into a bed as part of the turndown service, and provided me with fluffy pillows and a soft duvet for me to turn in for the flight.


At about two hours prior to arrival into London, the crew began with the lunch service. I usually do not convert my bed into my seat for the second meal on board long-haul flights as I find having a meal in bed at 38000 feet pretty awesome. The lunch service started with Singapore Airlines’ signature satay.


This was followed by the prosperity ‘yu sheng’, which is only offered during the Lunar New Year period. It was a huge plate, and I was tempted to invite the cabin crew to toss the salad together with me, but that would be very disruptive to their meal service, wouldn’t it?


Next, I chose the double boiled herbal soup. I thought that the prosperity ‘yu sheng’ was filling enough, but since I was on the hungry side, I decided to go for the salad too.


For the main dish, I chose the claypot rice with chicken, pork sausage, Chinese greens and mushrooms, and I found it very delicious. The condiments of chilli and sweet sauce complemented the dish too.


To complete the meal, I chose a serving of ice cream with berries, followed by a cup of tea.


At about half an hour prior to touchdown, the captain came on the PA system to provide an arrival update. We soon began our descent before making a straightforward approach and an on-time arrival in London Heathrow.