Go cashless and earn miles at Kopitiam

In its drive to become a Smart Nation, Singapore has encouraged the push for cashless modes of payment across the island. This includes traditionally cash-only merchants such as food courts.

If you would have already noticed, food courts such as Food Republic are already accepting contactless payment options. However, for the Kopitiam chain, they have their indigenous Kopitiam Card, which is marketed as Singapore’s first dining stored value card.


What most people do is to top up the Kopitiam Card using cash. However, there are increasingly more Kopitiam outlets that accept credit card for top up, subject to a small 2% administrative fee. What this means is that you can now earn miles by topping up with your Kopitiam Card.

The best card to use is UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (PPV), which gives 4 mpd for all PayWave transactions, so remember to tap your card (and not swipe or use the chip) when topping up your Kopitiam Card.


So, for even small ticket purchases at the food court like Kopitiam, always remember to go cashless and tap your way to more miles.