First Class on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER from Singapore (SIN) to London (LHR)

I managed to secure the much coveted seat 1A on board this Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to London. There was only one other passenger seated in 1F, making this a very empty flight. Boarding was swift and we were soon ready for pushback and on our way for this 13.5-hour flight.


I tend not to consume any alcoholic beverages on board flights, but that’s just me. I requested for a refreshing glass of apple juice prior to takeoff.


There was both breakfast and lunch on board this flight to London. From just reading the menu, I knew I wasn’t going to go hungry at all.


We taxied to Runway 20C for a southerly departure before making the turn to the north.


Breakfast was served shortly after the seatbelt signs were turned off. The table setting on board Singapore Airlines is a work of art on its own, a great prelude to a satisfying meal at 38000 feet.


To start, I had a fresh fruit plate, with a huge slice or papaya. I love my papaya with a dash of lime, and was very glad that the fresh fruit plate came with it.


Next up was a warm buttery croissant and some berry yoghurt.


For the main course I chose the roti prata with spicy fish curry, which tasted very good. The curry was packed with flavour and complemented the roti prata very well.


I love how Singapore Airlines has managed to progressively introduce more local delights on board their flights, which has been great at promoting our food culture. To all foodies out there, you’ll be amazed at how great our local food can taste even at altitude.

Soon it was time for bed, and the cabin crew was quick to offer the turndown service, converting my seat into a fully-flat bed. Notice how spacious the bed is in First Class, which really sets it apart from Business Class, where you may have to angle yourself slightly while you sleep. Also, the cabin crew spared no effort to make sure I was well hydrated for the flight.


About just over 2 hours prior to arrival into London, the crew began the lunch service. To begin, I had the signature satay, with tender meat skewers accompanied with sweet and spicy peanut sauce.


Next was the salad, with white asparagus, semi dried cherries and pistachio, baby lettuce with aged feta cheese, dressed with creamy French dressing. Also, the cabin crew went around with the bread basket, and as usual, chose the garlic bread.


For the soup, I chose the double-boiled soup with morel mushroom, bamboo pith and wolfberries. It was very heartwarming and nourishing.


Next was the main dish, and I decided on the Singapore claypot rice, with chicken sausages and salted fish, served with Chinese greens. Alright, this can’t beat the best claypot rice you can find in Singapore, but it was still very well done!


To end off, I had the coconut ice cream with mango salsa and crisp sesame tuile, which was a symphony of flavours.


We soon began our descent into London as the cabin crew prepared for arrival.


I was expecting us to enter the holding pattern as Heathrow can get a bit busy at times, but we pretty much made a direct approach in for the landing.


Another excellent flight with Singapore Airlines!