Business Class on Singapore Airlines A380-800 from London (LHR) to Singapore (SIN)

I never travel light. I like the feeling of having everything that I’ll need for any given trip, and extra baggage space should I go on a shopping frenzy. I needed the help of a porter at Heathrow for this morning flight to Singapore. As my bags were wheeled into the terminal, seeing the number of bags I had with me, the counter staff immediately directed me to the Suites counter even as I was flying Business. I was glad that they did not remind me of my baggage allowance, but instead promptly tagged Suites priority on all my checked bags and I was soon on my way.


From the looks of the crowd at the check-in rows, it seemed a pretty busy flight.


I headed to the gate after some last minute shopping, and boarding was swift. I was assigned seat 18A for this 12.5-hour flight to Singapore. Lunch and breakfast would be served on this flight.


I was travelling solo for this flight, but if you’re travelling as a couple, be sure to snag the bulkhead seats for more legroom and storage space, not like there isn’t already enough of space in Business Class on Singapore Airlines.


Pre-takeoff drinks were served, and we had an on time departure out of Heathrow.


The climb out of Heathrow was very smooth, and the weather was perfect for just staring out the window.


The lunch service began with Singapore Airlines’ signature satay. I should have asked for more peanut sauce, but the meat skewers were actually very tender and juicy to begin with.


Next was the dill and sugar marinated fresh salmon with salmon roe, a great appetiser overall.


For the main, I chose the braised cod with garlic-ginger soya sauce, served with seasonal vegetables and egg noodles. The elements came together very nicely for this dish, and the portion was just right.


To round it all off, I had the lemoncello ice cream, which was simply divine.


The cabin crew soon dimmed the cabin for passengers to get some sleep.


Once again, I have to say how much I love the Business Class seat on board the A380. With a simple pull of a catch, you can flip the seat back down for a fully flat bed. Some may find the bed for this particular seat a little firm, but I found the bedding adequate for my liking.


For those who get hungry in between meals, you can order from the light bites menu. Something different on this flight when I spotted fish porridge on the menu, so I decided to give it a go. It was a nice, comforting dish to have at 37000 feet.


After another few hours of sleep, the breakfast service ensued. There was an option for either the complete breakfast, served 2.5 hours before landing, or the continental one served 1.5 hours before landing. I opted for the former.

Breakfast began with a plate of fresh fruit, a great start to the meal. The warm buttery croissant was great too.


I skipped the yoghurt and went straight for a piping hot bowl of mee siam, which was appetisingly sour, sweet and spicy all at the same time.


It was the first light of dawn when we began our descent into Singapore. Do note that this flight SQ317 is perfect for those who wish to get some sleep to arrive in Singapore nice and early feeling refreshed. Moreover, Singapore Airlines will soon be deploying A380s with the latest cabin products on this flight in the coming months, so be sure to try it out!