Chope your way to even more KrisFlyer miles

Chope is an excellent platform, not just for dining reservations and discounts, but to earn KrisFlyer miles.

A typical booking will earn you 100 Chope-Dollars (C$), and if you review the dining establishment, they will throw in an additional C$20! Once you have collected enough C$, you can redeem C$1200 for 1000 KrisFlyer miles!

What’s more, from now until 12 March, make any redemption of your C$ and you will receive a bonus C$200 for your next reservation. On top of the usual C$100, that’s a total of C$300!

The list of merchants eligible for performing reservations on Chope is growing, and if you dine out often enough, why not earn C$ along with it, and you can watch your miles grow! Note that you can redeem your C$ for dining vouchers, but since I’m only into miles, go figure what I’ll do with my C$.


Happy Chope-ing!