Pay your car loans now with Cardup and earn miles

I’ve written previously aboutĀ Cardup, which is a platform on which you can use to earn miles for miscellaneous payments, or otherwise known as payments that you wouldn’t be earning miles from. Examples include income tax, property rentals and insurance.

Now, you can service your car loans through Cardup! There are currently no credit cards that allow you to earn 4 mpd through Cardup, hence the best card to use is the UOB PRVI Miles Card, which earns your 1.4 mpd. I recently reached out to the Cardup team and got this reply:


All you need to do is to upload a copy of your Auto Financing Payment Advice, and your Hire Purchase Agreement and a supporting document from the recipient stating their bank account details. Note that Citibank cards do not earn miles for car loan payments, so stick with the UOB PRVI Miles Card and you’ll be fine.

ReferĀ here for a full list of FAQs.