First Class on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER from Singapore (SIN) to London (LHR)

I was glad to have been on this flight from Singapore to London Heathrow. First Class was half full, with only three other passengers in the cabin. I was assigned seat 1F this time. Boarding was very swift and before long we were on our way for this 13 hour flight to London.

I have reviewed this cabin previously, so I shall not delve into the details. But I would like to point out how roomy the First Class cabin on Singapore Airlines’ B777-300ER is. With absolutely no overhead compartments, you can be sure to relax in the space and comfort of this cabin.


I decided on a glass of apple juice for my pre-take off beverage.


I also browsed through the menu to see what was in store for me. There were two meals for this flight, breakfast and lunch, with the option of another light bite in between. Based on what I saw on the menu, I knew that it was going to be a wonderful flight.


We pushed back on time and I had the opportunity to admire other lovely SQ aircraft parked at Terminal 3.


We taxied to the runway and had to queue for our turn to depart. Loved how the engines spooled up to take off thrust as the pilots performed a rolling take off.


The weather over and around Singapore was awesome, and the seat belt sign was turned off promptly upon ascending past 10000 feet.


The crew commenced the breakfast service, starting with a selection of fresh fruit, which was very refreshing.


Next, I had a warm buttery croissant, fresh from the oven.


Following that, I chose the mixed berry yoghurt over the cereal.


For the main, I chose the Teochew fish porridge, which was served with condiments on the side, a wholesome and comforting dish.


Once the breakfast service as over, I quickly changed into something more comfortable, and had my seat converted into a fully lie-flat bed, and drifted to sleep. Well, but not before watching a movie or two.


I woke up half way through the flight and felt a little hungry, so I ordered a bowl of prawn noodles, which was so full of flavour, before heading back to sleep.


At around 2 hours prior to landing, the cabin crew began the lunch service, which started with Singapore Airlines’ signature satay. The meat skewers were so tender and succulent, even at 38000 feet in the air.


Next was the salmon mousse medallions with piperade, together with some warm garlic bread.


Following that, I had the oriental chicken soup with asparagus and beancurd, which was appetising.


For the main, I had the Singapore style chilli crab, served with fried mantou and steamed rice, and it tasted really good!


For the dessert, I figured that the crew decided to let me have both the peach tart with almond icing, and rosemary ice cream with orange salad. How thoughtful!


The captain soon chimed in on the PA system for the pre-descent announcement, informing all passengers of our on-time arrival into London. This was another flawless flight on Singapore Airlines.