The only two cards that allow for a free conversion from points to miles

Here in Singapore, most credit cards charge a processing fee for the conversion of points to miles. If you are in the business of accumulating miles for travel, such processing fees are unavoidable. Some credit cards impose a fee per conversion, while others impose a one time annual fee for an unlimited number of conversions.

However, if you are looking to avoid the processing fee altogether, there are only two cards in Singapore that allow you to do so.

Maybank World Mastercard


The Maybank World Mastercard allows you to convert your TREATS Points to air miles absolutely free of charge. Plus, your TREATS Points will never expire, so you have the flexibility to convert your points to miles whenever you please.

OCBC Voyage Card


The OCBC Voyage Card allows for a free conversion of VOYAGE Miles (VM) to KrisFlyer miles. Your VM will also never expire. Plus, you can purchase miles for as low as 2 cents per mile when you make payment for your annual fee.

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So there you go! These are the only two cards that allow for a free conversion of points to miles. That being said, for any given card, the processing fee to convert points to miles shouldn’t be a major consideration when choosing which card(s) to use to earn miles. Instead, your spending habits should determine which card(s) to use in order to earn you the most miles.