Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport

For convenience, the Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport is perfect for business travellers, or if you don’t wish to miss your early flight out of SeaTac! The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport.


There is ample parking located in front of the hotel entrance.

The lobby is spacious and well lit. The interior is in need of some refreshing though.


Check-in was swift and I headed up to my room to drop my belongings before heading to town. The room I was assigned to had a slightly different layout compared to most hotel rooms, with the bed facing the window.


There was a work desk by the window as well. The hotel provided complimentary drinking water too.


The mattress was interesting, as I could adjust the firmness as required for a restful sleep.


There was nothing unique about the bathroom.


The hotel gym was fairly well equipped, and the equipment were fairly new.


The indoor pool was also perfect for a swim, especially in winter.


The room service had a pretty good selection, perfect for evenings when you just wish to laze around indoors, and not have to head out to look for something to munch on.


Overall, the Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport is a very convenient option for those who value a seamless connection to SeaTac, and if you’re driving, there should be no issue accessing the city via the major freeways.