The UOB PRVI Payment Facility has been in effect for a few months already, and will only be available until 31 Dec 2017. Essentially, you can purchase miles at 2 cents each. You can essentially earn miles from making miscellaneous payments that would otherwise not earn you any miles through this facility, although you are not required to specify any payee in the process.


Simply fill up this form, and UOB will credit the amount that you have requested into your specified bank account, and charge you a 2% administrative fee on the amount requested. You will also earn 1 mpd on this amount, hence the cost of 2 cents per mile.

The catch is that the amount requested cannot exceed your credit limit across all your UOB card accounts, so timing is key.

I have personally purchased over 100000 miles through this payment facility, and there have been absolutely no issues with the crediting of miles to my account. So, take advantage of this while it lasts!



  1. So how does this work? Assuming you have a credit limit of $30K. You already spent $10K on your credit card, but have not paid the bill. Hence, your credit limit balance is $20K.

    Does that mean that you can request for $20K cash to be credited into your bank account (+2% admin fee which amounts to $400)? Then once the $20K cash is in your bank account, can you use it to pay off your credit card charges? So effectively, you only spent $400 (the admin fee)?


    1. yep that’s right. so effectively you are purchasing miles at 2 cents per mile, due to the 2% admin fee. bear in mind that UOB will credit the cash to your designated bank account, and you have the option to pay off this amount in a single one-off payment when your next statement is due, or over 12 months in instalments.


      1. Sounds good. Do they only credit you the miles once you have paid off the loan amount, or they give you the miles once they credit the requested amount to you

        With only 3 weeks to go, I’m afraid I may not make the deadline as it takes 10 days for them to process and my next statement will roll into next year.


      2. once your payment facility application is approved, you will receive 1 mpd on the amount requested, which will appear within the same statement cycle. you will need to make payment on your statement due date. any early repayment will incur a penalty fee as per the T&Cs.


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