From 1 Jan 2018, OCBC Voyage Cardmembers will be earn only 1.6 mpd for local dining, down from the current 2.3 mpd. The base rate for all other retail spend will be increased from 1 mpd to 1.2 mpd.


Overseas spending will remain unchanged at 2.3 mpd.

This should not be a huge impact to those with a specialised spending credit card strategy. When you dine, you can use the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (PPV) for 4 mpd on all contactless spending, OCBC Titanium Rewards for 4 mpd on all mobile payments until 31 Dec 2018, or even Maybank Horizon Visa Signature for 3.2 mpd (subject to a minimum spend of S$300 per calendar month). In fact, for those who use Mileslife for dining, it is worth noting that you can earn 4 mpd on all purchases made on the app, following a review of their Merchant Category Code (MCC). Hence, for an establishment that gives you 3 mpd, using the UOB PPV can give you up to 7 mpd if you consider the miles earned from both the credit card and the app.

Another reason why the OCBC Voyage Card still remains useful for those in the miles business is the option of purchasing up to 500000 miles at 2 cents per mile on an annual basis. This is almost as good as the sales available by other platforms, such as Lifemiles.

Overall, the OCBC Voyage Card is a good card to have, and I don’t think this change in the earn rates should affect those with a specialised spending credit card strategy.



  1. Do you own this card? I read the website and it is a little confusing. While the card allows for income tax payment and still earn miles, the T&C says otherwise (no miles accrual for income tax payment)

    Also, can the 500K miles purchased at 2 cents per mile (where’s the option) be converted into Krisflyer miles?


    1. yes i do have this card. you can earn miles as long as you sign up for the tax payment facility through their website. and yes you can purchase 500000 miles at 2 cents per mile every card anniversary. the option is stated on their website, but you will have to call them, otherwise they will only change you the lowest card annual fee which will only earn you 15000 miles.


      1. Sounds good. So you have to pay the annual fee to be eligible for the miles purchase? Or you spent enough to get waiver?


      2. they do not stipulate a minimum spend to be eligible for the waiver. but in any case i have been paying my annual fees for the miles.


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