Gran Hotel La Florida

Barcelona is the confluence of people from all over the world. There is just so much to see and do, and more importantly, the people are ever so warm and friendly.


Located on top of a hill overlooking the city of Barcelona is Gran Hotel La Florida. Accessible by a funicular from the city below, the hotel offers unrivalled panoramic views of the entire city. Don’t be fooled by its innocent exterior, for once you step inside the hotel, you’ll never want to step out again. Well, at least not until you’re done exploring the premises.


While the front desk was processing my arrival, I took the liberty to explore the common areas. The lobby was huge and yet welcoming. The common bathroom was modern and sleek, which provided direct access to the pool.


Before long I was shown to my room, which was truly magical. A large bed beckoned, but more importantly, I was drawn to what was presented before me through the windows. Walking out through the doors I accessed the balcony with a breathtaking view of Barcelona. There were a couple of chairs to lounge in to take in the view, perhaps over a cup of hot tea. It was truly amazing.


Back in the room, there was a standard wall-mounted flat screen television, as well as a dressing table on which you could leave your belongings.


The bathroom was also spacious, with separate bathtub and shower facilities, as well as a heated rack for good measure. Bathrobes were also provided for additional convenience and comfort.


Breakfast was available in the restaurant, which also offered spectacular views of the city. The spread was decent, with adequate seating so that there was no overcrowding.


This hotel is a definite must if you wish to enjoy the tranquility of Barcelona. To some, it may seem overly inaccessible, but the shuttle and funicular are pretty frequent, and you should have no worries commuting to and from the hotel. Let me know when you fall in love with this hotel on your next visit to Barcelona.