Convert your Chope-Dollars to KrisFlyer miles

This is an exciting development. Recently we have seen more ways for consumers to convert loyalty points into KrisFlyer miles. One example was Grab, where GrabRewards points can now be converted into KrisFlyer miles.

From 10 Nov 2017, you can also convert your Chope-Dollars into KrisFlyer miles! Chope is an online platform where users can make dining reservations across many establishments, and have access to various discounts and promotions as well.


So now, you not only can convert your Chope-Dollars to vouchers to be redeemed at various dining establishments, you can also rake in more miles by converting your Chope-Dollars to KrisFlyer miles at a rate of 1200 Chope-Dollars to 1000 KrisFlyer miles. This may not seem a lot, but if your strategy is to accumulate as many miles as possible from your spending, this new development provides yet another avenue to boost your miles bank for your next holiday!