The truth is still out there

Images of the supposed Singapore Airlines next generation Suites have been circulating online over the past couple of days. The question now is, “WOW or wow”?


There is no doubt that IF these pictures turn out to be accurate, Singapore Airlines will once again set a new standard for a Class Above First.

However, I still do have my reservations. Where is the motif in the short teaser video released by Singapore Airlines a few days back? It is nowhere to be seen.


Other practical issues will also have to be addressed. Will Singapore Airlines block off all award space, or limit it to only one Suite per flight? How then can couples redeem the “double bed” Suites? Also, for those already booked on flights based on the current configuration, will priority be given to those currently assigned 2C/D and 3C/D, for the assignment of the new paired Suites, which based on the seat map below, should be 1A/2A and 1F/2F? They have, after all, spent a lot of cash or miles for the “double bed”.


Only time will tell, the truth is still out there. One day left to the big reveal!