Earn 4 miles per dollar with Singapore Airlines when you use Apple Pay

Singapore Airlines has just recently announced the addition of mobile payment platforms Apple Pay and Android Pay as some of the payment options available.

Using the SingaporeAir app, customers can make payments for air tickets, redemption booking-related fees, or for other purchases such as preferred seat selection and travel insurance, using these mobile payment options.

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Specifically, if you all recall, OCBC has just extended the 4 mpd promotion if you use your OCBC Titanium Rewards Card for all mobile payment options to 31 Dec 2018, subject to a cap of 48000 miles per card anniversary year.

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After a quick call to OCBC, I have verified that OCBC has not excluded Singapore Airlines as an eligible merchant for the 4 mpd promotion if you use mobile payment options on the SingaporeAir app. However, just to be sure, you should call OCBC to confirm this before making any purchases, as OCBC reserves the right to amend their terms and conditions without prior notice.

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