First Class on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER from Singapore (SIN) to London (LHR)

This flight was operated by a B777-300ER, and I was seated in 2D. First Class was pretty full on this flight to London.


Once again, I wanted to be surprised by the onboard menu offerings so I didn’t Book the Cook this time. Based on what I saw in the menu prior to takeoff, I was already looking forward to both meals.


Breakfast service commenced shortly after we attained cruising altitude. The fresh fruit plate was refreshing for a start.


For the next course, I was offered either cereal or yoghurt, and I picked the latter. The croissant was also warm, buttery and fluffy.


I was craving for something soupy, and that’s why I selected mee soto for the main course. It was packed with ingredients and full of flavour.


Soon it was time for bed. The cabin crew offered the turn down service, which I gladly accepted. That being said, I always find it fun to “make my own bed” on board. The cabin crew also distributed bottled water just prior to dimming the cabin lighting. I had a few hours of sleep with the warm and comfortable pillows, bedding and duvet.


I awoke to the lunch service, which began with Singapore Airlines’ signature satay. The meat skewers were well marinated, and very juicy.


The pork broth with snow fungus and black mushrooms was next, which was exceptionally appetising.


The lettuce salad with shaved fennel, dried cranberries and roasted marinated beetroot was served with shiso dressing, which I thought they could have been more generous with.


For the main, I chose the braised duck with yam, vegetables and steamed rice. Obviously, I was craving for the Asian selection on this flight. There would be lots of Western food waiting for me in London anyway.


The opera cake with sabayon Kahlua sauce was absolutely the perfect choice to conclude the meal on a citrus note.


The crew was quick to prepare the cabin for landing when the Captain announced that we would be arriving in London pretty much on schedule.