From now till 31 Oct 2017, Mileslife has increased the referral bonus from 300 to 1000 miles per person referred.


In an attempt to get more people on board, Mileslife has been pretty aggressive with its promotions, such as the recent “Refer a Merchant” promotion, offering those who successfully refer a merchant to Mileslife with up to 5000 miles each.

It is no wonder why Mileslife has taken off here in Singapore since it launched here a few months back. The idea is simple, if you’re gonna pay the merchant anyway, why not make more miles from it?

For this current promotion, in order to qualify for the 1000 miles bonus, the person you have referred must sign up with Mileslife, use your invitation code, and make a qualifying spend of S$49 on any merchant on Mileslife within 30 days of applying your invitation code.

If you have not already signed up, use AARONC1 to do so, and use your personalised invitation code to invite more friends to Mileslife!


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