Refer a merchant to Mileslife and earn up to 5000 miles per merchant referred

The number of merchants with Mileslife has proliferated from a handful to a now sizable number. Scrolling through the app, you should be able to view a wide range of dining and lifestyle options.

Of late, Mileslife also provides customers the opportunity to earn bonus miles at certain merchants, sometimes announced only on the day itself.

It seems that Mileslife is voraciously trying to increase its pool of merchants. From now until further notice, anyone who refers a potential merchant to Mileslife can stand a chance to earn up to 5000 miles. The referrer must complete the formĀ here , and any incomplete entries will be disqualified.

Here’s how it works:

A referrer will earn 100 miles for every complete referral form submitted, provided that the merchant being referred is currently not on Mileslife, is not pending to be listed on Mileslife, is not currently under any discussions with Mileslife, has not been entered by another referrer under this promotion, and the merchant contact is not a general enquiry number or email.

The remaining 4900 miles will be awarded to the referrer only when the merchant has successfully been accepted by Mileslife.


Note that if a referrer submits an entry for a group merchant, the person can earn 5000 for every subsequent merchant within that group, up to a cap of 20000 miles. However, there is no cap to the number of referrals that a person can submit.

Given the apparent success of Mileslife since its launch in Singapore, it would be interesting to see what new merchants are coming on board during and after this referral period.