It’s been not too long since Swissotel Merchant Court underwent major refurbishment works, a facelift for the better, literally.

The lobby is now more spacious due to the relocation of the check-in desks.


Also, the lounge is contiguous with the lobby, giving a more open feel.


Rooms boast a more contemporary look with high ceilings and large windows.


The bed was on the firm side though, but well within my tolerance limits.

I simply loved the bedside lamps. The soft lighting was perfect for some bedtime reading.


The bathroom was equipped with a shower and many mirrors, giving the illusion of space.


For those who wish to stay active during your stay, the property has a huge outdoor pool and a gym that’s fairly well equipped.


Overall, this hotel is perfect for those who wish to enjoy the nightlife by the Singapore River. More importantly, I have to emphasise that the staff members’ warmth and hospitality really made me feel at home during my stay, and this always differentiates a good stay from an excellent one.



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