Leaked photos of Singapore Airlines’ new Suites Class?

One Mile at a Time posted several photos obtained from Pierre Jean Design Studio’s website that seemed to hint at the new Suites Class on Singapore Airlines due to be revealed on 2 Nov 2017.


These interior photos sure resemble that of an A380, but it is highly unlikely that Singapore Airlines would work with business partners careless enough to leak such classified information.

I’m sure that we’ll be expecting other spoiler alerts in the lead up to 2 Nov 2017. But what we know is that the Suites Class will be in the front of the upper deck, based on a leaked seat map obtained from the Singapore Airlines website a few months ago, which is also corroborated by a photo depicting a new Singapore Airlines A380 aircraft undergoing testing that clearly matches the seat map based on the positioning of the windows.


It’s funny that none of the leaked photos actually reveal how the seat or even the bed may look. So even if the photos are genuine, the damage is somewhat limited. After all, the best is yet to come.