I was assigned seat 22F on board this fairly busy flight from London to Singapore. Operated by the A380-800 aircraft, the entire deck was fitted with Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.


Note how private the seats are when you peer down the aisle. Also, the centre seats are staggered from those by the windows so you can’t “stare” across all passengers seated with you in the same row.


Supper was served shortly after takeoff. I had to select from the menu as I opted not to Book the Cook for this flight. Somehow, I like the feeling of being surprised by what the inflight menu has to offer.


The Caesar salad with smoke turkey was a refreshing start to the meal service. As always, you can’t go wrong with garlic bread.


For the main course, I chose the lobster noodles, which of course can’t beat top notch Chinese restaurants. But hey, you can’t complain if you get to feast on lobster noodles at 35000 feet.


To end off, I had the opera cake with raspberry coulis, which was light and easy on the palate.


The mood lighting signalled the transition to bed time. I decided to convert the seat into my fully flat bed before channel surfing on KrisWorld.


Just 2 hours prior to landing, the cabin crew prepared the cabin for the before touch-down meal service. I had a plate of fresh fruit to start.


Between the traditional British breakfast and fried rice vermicelli with beef, I opted for the latter as I had enough British breakfast in London.


Soon, we were at our top of descent in preparation for landing, on schedule as always, with Singapore Airlines.


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