First Class on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER from Singapore (SIN) to Frankfurt (FRA)

Singapore Airlines operates two flights to Frankfurt, SQ326 which terminates at Frankfurt before returning to Singapore, as well as SQ26, which has an onward sector to New York JFK. The former is operated by a B777-300ER aircraft, while the latter is operated by the A380-800 aircraft.

I decided to head to the gate early to get onboard SQ326 as soon as I could so that I could settle in. Boarding at Gate A2 at Changi Airport Terminal 3 commenced on schedule, and passengers were quickly boarded all thanks to the orderly boarding process.


I was assigned seat 2D for this flight and First Class was pretty full. I was all ready for the 12-hour flight to Frankfurt.


The meal service commenced shortly after takeoff. I did not Book the Cook for this fight, but based on what I saw on the menu, I was pleased.


I had a lobster salad and a bowl of creamy white onion soup to start, and they were excellent.


The main course soon followed, and I opted for the stewed lamb shank pasta with vegetables. The meat was well prepared, so soft and tender that it simply fell off the bone, with pasta precisely cooked to al dente.


To finish off, I had the pineapple parfait, which was divine.


Soon, it was time for a nap, but I managed to sneak in some movies in between.


Somewhere over Central Asia, I felt hungry and decided to order a snack, a piping hot bowl of prawn noodles, which came with sliced red chilli as condiment.


The second meal was served a couple of hours before our arrival into Frankfurt. The proscuitto ham salad, braised veal shank with polenta, and lemongrass panna cotta with citrus salad complemented each other very well for the meal.


Before I knew it, we were already beginning our descent into Frankfurt.


“Cabin crew, prepare the cabin for arrival.”