Looking to boost your miles earn rate? In a previous post, I mentioned about how useful Cardup can be when making payments for miscellaneous fees, that do not qualify for direct credit card spend, such as insurance, rent, and income taxes.

From now till 31 Oct 2017, the first 300 Citi PremierMiles cardmembers will have their processing fee waived on their first payment with Cardup using the Citi PremierMiles Card.


Simply enter the promo code CITIFIRSTFREE to enjoy this promotion. Subsequent payments will attract a 2.1% processing fee if you enter the promo code CITI21.


You will earn 1.2 mpd on all Cardup transactions made using your Citi PremierMiles Card. So, if we were going to make a cheque deposit or a GIRO payment for your insurance or rent, why not consider Cardup instead, since you’ll be earning miles for it.

Remember to also use my referral code AARONC44 to enjoy $20 off your first payment with Cardup.


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