Another awesome credit card that gives you 4 mpd

Milelion recently alerted us to the cap imposed on earning 4 mpd using the UOB Preferred Platinum AMEX (PPA). Now, cardholders can only earn up to UNI$12000 or 24000 miles per calendar year, which works out to about S$500 of eligible spend per month.

For food lovers out there, this may be of some concern as the UOB PPA is an awesome card for dining. However, as covered by my previous posts, you can earn 4 mpd if the dining establishment accepts PayWave transactions, 3.2 mpd if you have the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature, 2.3 mpd if you have the OCBC Voyage, or even up to 4.4 mpd with Mileslife. The question is, is there another card out there with a superior miles earn rate for dining?

Maybank cards have not penetrated the local market as successfully as the other credit card companies, probably owing to suboptimal marketing, or perhaps just a general perception that Maybank isn’t one of the “go-to” banks for credit cards. However, Maybank cards fare pretty well when it comes to earning miles. In a previous post, I wrote about the Maybank Horizon Visa Signature, where you can earn 3.2 mpd for dining, petrol, and taxi rides, as well as 2 mpd for travel packages from tour agencies.

I personally have not seen much hype about the Maybank World Mastercard though, perhaps partly due to the card design. But that aside, when Maybank offered me the opportunity to give this card a try, I began to see some value in the card.


First, you will earn 4 mpd at all of the following restaurants:


As you can see, its mostly Chinese food. And as a fan of Chinese food, I ain’t complaining.

Apart from dining, you will earn 4 mpd for shopping with the following merchants:


The list is somewhat limited, but it you love these brands, why not.

Another important feature of the Maybank World Mastercard is that you’ll earn 4 mpd from all gas stations islandwide. Plus, cardholders are eligible to apply for a Corporate Fuel Card that gives you up to 19.1% savings on gas, and you’ll still be able to earn 4 mpd even after applying the discount.


Other card benefits include complimentary access to JetQuay, 12.5% P$ rebate at the Paradise Group, and exclusive privileges of up to 20% discounts at SPG properties.

For a specialised spender like me, this card definitely has some utility, especially for dining and gas. And perhaps, if you’re a fan of Chinese food, you should give this card a go.