Maximising the UOB PRVI Payment Facility

In an earlier post, I mentioned about how you can “earn” more miles through the UOB PRVI payment facility. Essentially, with an administrative fee of 2% you will receive 1 mile for every S$1 requested through this facility, to make payment for any miscellaneous expenditure.

However, you don’t actually have to use this facility to make any actual payments, unlike Cardup, where you must actually nominate a payee. Using the UOB PRVI payment facility, you can actually “buy” miles, since UOB will simply charge you the administrative fee, and deposit the cash in your bank account for your intended use. In essence, you’re using the administrative fee to “buy” miles.


Of course, those who have exhausted all other means of accumulating miles, such as through credit card annual fees, may take this opportunity to hoard more miles through the UOB PRVI payment facility. But as with almost everything in life, there are several terms and conditions that you need to be aware of.

Try to maximise your credit limit

First, the total amount that you can request is subject to your credit limit with UOB. Hence, at any point of time, the amount that you are requested through the UOB PRVI payment facility combined with your credit card spend, must not exceed your credit limit.

Avoid any early repayment if possible

Then, one may ask if it’s possible to settle any outstanding balance as soon as possible before applying for the next payment facility again. UOB must have anticipated this and have imposed a penalty of S$100 should you wish to resort to any early repayment of the facility. Therefore, you can’t surge your way through using this facility to amass your miles.


Always make your repayment in full

UOB has given the option to either repay the entire amount in full, or in installments over 12 months. The latter option would mean that you’ll be unable to maximise your credit limit to obtain the maximum number of miles possible.


Do note that this facility was already made available on 15 Jun 2017, and will only run until 31 Dec 2017, so the clock is ticking. Assuming that you abide by the terms and conditions on not making any early repayments, you will probably only have at most 3-4 statement cycles remaining to make use of this facility. Bear in mind that UOB may take up to ten working days to process your application for the facility, which may result in your application being approved in the following statement cycle.

So, if you need miles urgently, you should make full use of this opportunity to do so as there is no telling if UOB will extend this payment facility beyond the end of the year.