What are the minimum requirements for the pre-flight safety demonstration?

On 8 Aug 2017, Singapore Airlines unveiled its new in-flight safety video, which takes viewers on a panoramic journey across various locations in Singapore. A unique aspect of this video is that all segments were filmed beyond the traditional space of an aircraft cabin.

It’s great to see our national carrier jointly promoting inbound travel to and through Singapore, with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Indeed, the new safety video provides a captivating way to present safety information while showcasing the many familiar locations in our home base to a global audience.

We have seen a lot of comments of this move, from singing praises for the refreshing take, to some suggesting that safety has been compromised due to the shift of focus from safety information.

Regarding the second point on cabin safety, the new safety video does not, in any way, compromise safety. In fact, aviation regulations state that while the operator of an aircraft shall ensure that all passengers are orally briefed before each take-off, the mode of delivery is not stipulated. In other words, depending on an airline’s policy, the safety message can be delivered in a pre-recorded format, or through the provision of a live demonstration.

More importantly, there are certain required elements, or should I say minimum requirements, that must be included in the safety demonstration. These include the use of the safety information card, a demonstration of the brace position, the use of the seat belt, the location of emergency exits and use of evacuation slides, the use of emergency floor lighting, to inform passengers seated at the exit row that they may be called upon to assist the cabin crew in the event of an evacuation, that cabin bags must be left behind in the event of an evacuation, the use of the oxygen mask and life vests, that smoking is not allowed on board, and instructions pertaining to the use of electronic devices.


Wow that was a mouthful. But essentially, the new Singapore Airlines safety video has definitely met all the requirements according to regulations.

Singapore Airlines has mentioned that the new video will be screened on all SIA flights from the end of the year. With this premature release, my guess is that they are taking all feedback into consideration just to make sure that it is nothing less than perfect when the video is rolled out across the fleet in a couple of months.