Expedia and Agoda promotions ‘mysteriously’ disappear from UOB website

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about how using your UOB PRVI Miles Card can earn you 6 mpd on eligible purchases made on Expedia and Agoda. However, a random check on the UOB website revealed that both icons have been removed. In fact, what remains is Kaligo, which earns you 10 mpd on eligible purchases.


I have not been actively promoting Kaligo as the prices are significantly higher for similar properties that may not justify the additional cash required to earn those extra miles. In other words, 6 mpd from Expedia and Agoda is satisfying enough.

Even though both Expedia and Agoda have been removed from UOB’s main website, you can still earn 6 mpd as long as you access these websites here and here respectively. Also, based on the terms and conditions, both promotions are indeed still ongoing:



I have no explanation as to why UOB would deliberately remove ongoing promotions as awesome as those like Expedia and Agoda, but sometimes, it pays to do a little digging on your own.