Final call: 42000 miles by 31 Aug

This is the final call to earn up to 42000 miles by spending a minimum of S$9000 by 31 Aug 2017 using your Citi Premiermiles Visa Card. Here’s how it works:


With an administrative fee of S$238, you will get 31200 bonus miles over and above the 10800 miles accumulated from a S$9000 spend (based on 1.2 mpd), or 4.5 mpd.

Alternatively, you can earn 10000 miles, or 3.2 mpd, when you spend a minimum of S$3000 by 31 Aug 2017, with an administrative fee of S$58:


All you need is to enrol to qualify:


This promotion is applicable to existing Citi Premiermiles Visa Cardmembers whose card applications were approved before 1 Mar 2017.

It’s still half a month away from the end of the promotion. So if you have got big ticket items to spend on, it is worth taking up this offer.