So, let’s say you need to book an award ticket urgently, and you have lots of miles across several banks to transfer to your KrisFlyer account. You call the banks frantically asking them to effect the transfer as quickly as possible, and the usual response “5-7 working days”. Let’s be realistic here, based on T&Cs, the banks can take even longer than that.

I recently made a massive transfer of my points from several banks into my KrisFlyer account in anticipation of my upcoming trips. Over the phone, while the bank representatives gave me an estimate of how long it will take, they were very very conservative estimates. In actual fact, I was very impressed at how quickly they managed to effect the transaction.

Here is a table of how fast the banks took to make the transfer:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 6.59.53 pm

When I say calendar days, I really mean calendar and not working days. Banks seem to be really efficient at making these transfers. That being said, most of these banks offer the option of making such transfers online, and based on experience, the transfers will be as expeditious as over-the-phone requests.

Do also take note of the minimum number of miles per block that is required for the transfer. On this point, what makes UOB so awesome is that you can pool all your UNI$ earned across all your UOB cards together, which will help greatly when you wish to make a transfer. Most if not all transfers require a nominal fee, which shouldn’t stop you from making the transfer anyway, since you need the miles after all. Small price to pay, I must say.


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