Those were the days

Singapore Airlines has always been at the leading edge when it comes to cabin products and services. Revolutionary for its time, the Spacebed was offered in Business Class on most B777 and B747 aircraft in the Singapore Airlines fleet years ago.

I was often shuttling between London and Singapore back then, and managed to enjoy the Spacebed on B747s plying the route. Compared to other airlines, the Spacebed was the golden standard for longhaul business class. The cabin was spacious, there was ample legroom, and the service was flawless.

Plus, you get an awesome view of the B747 wing, like this that was taken on a flight from London to Singapore.


Catering has improved drastically over the years. However, I have no complaints about the catering in Business Class back then, as you can see from the pictures taken on my return flight to London.

Singapore Airlines has fared well in raising the bar for Business Class travel, which is evident in the evolution of its Business Class over the years.

I’m truly excited to see what Singapore Airlines has in store for us with their extreme makeover in all classes on board the A380. More on that at the end of the year.