A tribute to the Singapore Airlines B747-400

For those who wish to lay your hands on a ticket on one of these aircraft, look no further. Singapore Airlines has since discontinued all B747 passenger operations as of 6 Apr 2012. The final flight between Singapore and Hong Kong was operated by aircraft 9V-SPQ, which was the last B747-400 that Singapore Airlines took delivery of in 2001. That was the culmination of 38 years of B747 operations with Singapore Airlines. It is worth noting that by 2003, Singapore Airlines operated a record 51 B747-400s, comprising 39 passenger variants and 12 freighters. Today, the only B747s that you’ll see in SQ livery are those operated by Singapore Airlines Cargo.

So back to this post. I obviously wasn’t on board the final B747-400 flight as I was miles away in London at that time. But I feel that this worthy post serves as a tribute to what most of us consider the true Queen of the Skies.

Singapore Airlines operated B747-400s with a configuration of 375 seats – 12 First Class, 50 Business Class, and 313 Economy Class. I was seated in seat 4A on this flight from London to Singapore.

As usual, I headed to the Singapore Airlines SilverKris lounge, which has since been refurbished, for some refreshments prior to boarding.

Once on board, I noticed a very quiet cabin, despite it being the holiday season.


After blankets and pre-take off drinks were served, I settled into my seat in preparation for the 13 hour flight to Singapore.

Not much later after take off, it was time for dinner. As usual, the dinner service started with Singapore Airlines’ signature satay dish, which was top notch, and the rest of the dinner was very much to my liking.


It’s a pity that I do not have a picture of the First Class seat deployed as a bed. Unlike the First Class seats on Singapore Airlines today, there was no need to fold the seat back to deploy the bed. At the touch of a button, your bed in the sky is yours to have and enjoy.

After some sleep and a light meal, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, and another flawless meal service prior to landing in Singapore.

Most of us who have had the privilege of flying on board the B747-400 operated by Singapore Airlines will recall space and comfort, and more importantly, how elegant the touches were for its time.

The Queen of the Skies indeed.