Best credit cards for lounge access

We all know the perks of having lounge access at the airport. Nothing beats being able to escape from the hustle and bustle of the transit area, with a cool refreshing drink in one hand, and with a spread to feast on. Of course, if you are travelling in First or Business class, you should have access to at least a lounge prior to your flight. However, in the unlikely event that the lounge is not up to your standard, or is packed to the brim, the cards below may come in handy when you wish to find an alternative lounge while waiting for your flight.

The majority of credit cards these days come with lounge access, but with varying terms and conditions tagged to them. Most of the cards I hold provide lounge access in some form or another, but I shall only focus on those that are worth getting your hands on.

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Credit Card

If you hold this card, you will have 4 complimentary access to any participating SATS Premier Lounge in Singapore, as well as participating Plaza Premium Lounges around the world. Bear in mind that you will be mailed 4 of such vouchers which must be presented together with your credit card if you so wish to use any of the participating lounges. If you’re not travelling solo, the vouchers can also gain your companion(s) access to the lounge with you. The only drawback is that if you’re a frequent traveller, then 4 passes may not be enough for you.


OCBC Voyage

Edit: From 15 Aug 2019, OCBC Voyage cardmembers will no longer be allowed to bring a guest along to participating Plaza Premium lounges. Only primary and supplementary cardholders will continue to enjoy access to these lounges.

From now till 31 Dec 2017 2019, you and a guest can enjoy unlimited complimentary visits to over 70 Plaza Premium lounges in airports across the world. Some of these lounges come equipped with recharging stations as well as shower rooms. Also enjoy a 15-minute massage in select lounges and specific spa outlets. This is an awesome card, especially if you travel with a companion often enough, although lounge access is only limited to participating Plaza Premium lounges.

Citi Prestige Card

With effect from 1 Jan 2017, Citi Prestige cardmembers plus one accompanying guest can enjoy unlimited access to, and all the privileges of, hundreds of VIP lounges in major airports around the world, under the Priority Pass programme. No matter what airline, frequent flier membership, or class of travel, eligible cardmembers can enjoy all of the convenience of participating airport lounges.


While some other credit cards I hold also provide complimentary access to Priority Pass lounges, they either limit the number of times I can access the lounges, or do not allow complimentary access for accompanying guest(s). Plus, I end up with having so many Priority Pass cards that it’s hard to keep track of them (Hint: please label your cards). Hence, I only bring along with me the Priority Pass card issued by Citi Prestige, which gives me and one accompanying guest unlimited access to Priority Pass lounges worldwide.

American Express Platinum Card

In addition to unlimited access to Priority Pass lounges worldwide, this card gives me unlimited access to American Express Centurion lounges, as well as Delta Sky Club lounges. Personally, I find the access to the American Express Centurion lounges very attractive, as it gives me more options while waiting for flights out of the US. However, these lounges can only be found at Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, New York (La Guardia), Miami, Seattle and San Francisco. Hopefully American Express will include more airports to the current list, which will make travelling out of the US more exciting. I have personally visited the Centurion lounge at Houston and it was amazing! More on this in another post.


So there you go, these are the cards worth getting your hands on if you wish to enjoy lounge access together with a travel companion at the airport.