Mileslife – we get you there faster

Having covered in detail what various credit cards can offer when it comes to accumulating miles, I will now introduce you to another platform that augments what you can already earn through credit card spending.

Mileslife is an online platform that allows you to earn more miles on top of your credit card earnings. You can earn miles from a wide selection of merchants, and the miles will be automatically credited to your airline frequent flyer programme of choice.


Some of the merchant categories include dining, spas and entertainment, and from what I see, the list is growing by the day.


What you need to do is to download the app from your app store, enter your credit card details, select your frequent flyer programme that you want your miles credited to, and you’re all set!

Using the app is simple as well. For example, if you are looking for a place to dine, browse through the app and pick a participating merchant. Once you arrive at the restaurant, it is prudent to confirm with them that you will be making payment using Mileslife. When it was first introduced, I personally encountered some problems with staff not being familiar with the platform. But now that it has reached steady state, the merchants know exactly what to do. When you are done with your meal, open the app, select the correct merchant, and key in the total bill to complete your payment. The merchant will receive a confirmation that payment has been made through Mileslife, and you’re good to go!

As of now, the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (PPV) offers 4 mpd for spending with Mileslife, and this is the best card to use with Mileslife. As mentioned above, the miles that you earn through Mileslife is over and above the miles you will get from the credit card spend. So for example, if you are dining with a merchant that offers S$1 = 3 miles, and your total bill comes up to S$200, you will be earning 600 miles from the app, plus 800 miles from your UOB PPV credit card, bringing your total miles to 1400!

Of course, the only limitation is that you can only earn the extra miles with participating merchants on the app. But that being said, the list of merchants is growing by the day.

So, why not give Mileslife a try? Enter my invitation code AARONC1 for 1000 bonus miles when you join Mileslife!