Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge (NRT)

As I was travelling on Business Class for my flight with Japan Airlines from Tokyo (Narita) to Jakarta, I was invited to the Sakura Lounge. Within the Narita International Terminal, there are actually two Sakura Lounges that I had access to, one immediately past immigration, and another closer to the gates.


The first lounge had a very alluring facade, with dark textured walls bordering the main glass doors.


The front desk was more than adequately staffed, and I was directed to the section for Business Class passengers after my boarding pass was scanned.


What’s a Business Class lounge without a business centre? There was a little private corner with computer terminals and headphones for those who need some time to focus on unfinished work.


There were also lockers available for bulky items that you might not wish to bring with you around the lounge.


With a relatively simple design and dressed in natural tones, the main dining area was moderately packed during my visit.


The lounge spread was quite substantial, with both hot and cold dishes together with a wide drinks selection.


Be sure to try the Japanese curry when you visit the Sakura Lounge.


You can adjourn to the more cozy lounge area after you’re done with your meal.


The lounge also extended to a separate floor altogether, which was far more spacious and enjoyed more natural lighting.


That being said, depending on the time of the day and sun angle, shades could be lowered to provide a more comfortable environment for passengers.


There was ample seating throughout the lounge, which should be expected given the sheer number of JAL flights departing out of Narita, in order to accommodate all passengers with access to the lounge.


The lounge also boasts amazing views of the apron and tarmac, for passengers to enjoy the non-stop ground movements at Narita throughout the day and night.


You won’t have to worry about missing your flight as there are flight information terminals located throughout the lounge. Keep yourself occupied with a wide range of literature too.


The business centre on this level is significantly larger and seemed like a better place to work compared to the previous one.


The dining area was quite packed at this time of the day, and if all tables are taken, passengers would actually have to queue for a table.


I decided to go for a different selection this time, with some scrambled eggs and sausages.


As mentioned earlier, there is another Sakura Lounge located closer to the gates. Once again, my boarding pass was scanned and I was granted immediate access.


JAL seems to look after their passengers with yet another impressive business centre, fully equipped with a photocopier for use.


This satellite lounge also has amazing views of the apron and tarmac. The seats by the window make for a great place to read a book over some tea.


Even though this was only a satellite lounge, the food and beverage selection was comparable to that of the main lounge.


All tables were fitted with power sockets so that you can always ensure that your electronic devices are all charged up for you to remain connected to the rest of the world.


Overall, I would have to say that JAL operates an impressive Sakura Lounge at Tokyo Narita. Apart from the slightly crowded situation at the dining area of the main lounge, the lounge areas were large, well lit, and had ample seating. The food and beverage selection was also pretty impressive for a Business Class lounge. Be sure to cater some time to visit the lounge before your next JAL flight out of Tokyo Narita.