EME Catedral Hotel Seville

Located in the old town of Seville in the Santa Cruz district and right next to Catedral de Sevilla, the EME Catedral Hotel well within walking distance of Seville’s major tourist attractions, such as Torre del Oro, Real Alcazar, and Plaza de Espana.


There was nothing fancy about the hotel’s exterior.


But after walking in, I realised how spacious the interior was. With an open courtyard lined with fountains and trees, it was a very welcoming experience.


The main lobby was lit in neon pink, giving it a modern and upbeat feel.


Had a chance to visit the bathroom right next to the lobby and what I discovered was an opulent, yet not too over-the-top golden interior.


By this time I was really looking forward to my room.


The room was a little small, but yet very cozy. The colours complemented each other very well. Beds were pushed together to form a ‘king’ bed. I found the television a little too low for my liking.


The bathroom was simple, with a 2-in-1 shower and bathtub. I loved the glass panels that kept the rest of the bathroom dry.


There was additional wardrobe storage space with a nice shoe rack. Who brings that many pairs of footwear anyway?


Done exploring the room, I decided to head up to check out the roof, and I found a nice bar, which gets pretty busy at night.


The hotel also has a swimming pool and fitness centre for those who wish to keep fit while on vacation, as well as a wellness centre if you wish to pamper yourself. Overall a lovely design hotel in the heart of Seville, where you can soak in everything the city has to offer, with the option of finding some quiet time for yourself too.